At Advanced Imaging, patient care is our top priority which is why we invested in getting the BEST OPEN MRI for the patients of Hernando County. Our Hitachi Oasis was selected  because the field strength is high and yet the scan still more comfortable for patients. The weight capacity is up to 660 lbs.

Our facility has two cutting edge digital X-Ray machines. With our GE Proteus XR-F, we will complete exams quickly with an image preview that is available in one second. Fully processed images can be seen within six seconds.

  • The flexible table accommodates patients of all sizes
  • The bariatric table supports a capacity of up to 770 pounds/350 kg and the table measures 86 x 31 inches/220 x 80 cm.
  • The four-way float elevating tabletop makes it easy for patients to get onto the table, lowering from 35 inches/90 cm to 19 inches/49 cm above the floor.
  • The table moves longitudinally and transversely across a wide travel range to position patients for the optimum field of view and imaging.
    Expanded tube coverage increases patient positioning flexibility
  • The floor-beam-mounted tube stand travels to clear the table for imaging at the wall stand.
  • The tube can be lowered for below-the-knee exams or untethered exams with the wireless detector to image patients in wheelchairs or on gurneys.
  • The tube stand travel distance is 79 inches/201 cm longitudinal, 59 inches/150 cm vertical, and 12 inches/30 cm lateral from mid-table. Rotation is +/- 180 degrees.

Our full service nuclear medicine lab and new single head scanner can provide a full gamut of imaging of every organ system.

We are proud to offer CT/PET fusion on our brand new 64 slice GE scanner. By combining anatomic and metabolic imaging we are able to both detect early cancers before they have spread and screen patients with a history of cancer to find early recurrence.

Our new machine offers clear images and resolution. Essentially, it makes internal organs appear like Pixar animations. They combine all the great features of their forerunners into GE’s most solid PET/CT hybrid to date.


Dr. Naveen Bikkasani is a board certified, Cornell fellowship trained interventional radiologist, who has extensive experience in all manners of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

By offering interventional services in an outpatient setting, AIC aspires to establish a new service paradigm. Certainly not all hospital based interventional services can be performed, but given time we hope to offer an increasing number of outpatient services to the community 80% cheaper than our local hospitals.

This is an extremely simple and fast imaging modality that can detect the density of your bones. The purpose is to asses which patients are at risk for osteoporosis and fractures. This remarkable scan is completely noninvasive and takes only 10 seconds.

Our Siemens Sireskop digital fluoroscopy unit can be used for any number of procedures including upper gastrointestinal fluoroscopy, barium enema, and provide guidance for interventional procedures.

MRI is a state of the art imaging modality that provides detailed functional and anatomic information through the use of magnetic fields and radio waves.

We are proud to announce that we have a brand new Wide Bore 1.5 T GE Voyager magnet to provide the most sophisticated imaging currently available for patients up to 500 lbs. With T2 PROPELLER, our machine minimizes motion artifacts 

Some examinations require the use of intravenous “contrast” material that will be administered after placement of an IV.

Form Download

Download this MRI Patient Form, print it and fill it out to get a headstart on the paperwork needed for your visit.

Hitachi Oasis MRI

The Highest Field Strength Open MRI

With an unobstructed viewing angle and the industry’s most accommodating patient table, no other MRI system enables you to capture and retain as broad of a patient demographic as Oasis.

We are pleased to offer you both screening and diagnostic mammography with our brand new GE Pristina mammography unit. Mammography has been proven to detect breast masses before they are detectable by physical examination. However, there is no substitute for a monthly breast self examination.

Before the examination, do not wear deodorant, talcum powder, or lotion under your arms.

Ultrasound is an extremely safe, noninvasive imaging modality using sound to provide an image of your anatomy, much like a submarine uses sonar to see underwater. Our two units are Mindray DC-8 units which use 3T transducer technology. This technology increases bandwidth and ultrasonic transmission frequencies which provides better penetration at higher frequencies, thus increasing overall image resolution.

We can use this versatile machine to detect blood flow in vessels, look at a fetus in the womb without exposing it to radiation, or as a guidance system for biopsies and drainages.